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Jim Peacock

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Black Mountain, Canberra, Australia
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Dr Jim Peacock is a Fellow in CSIRO and Australia‚Äôs Chief Scientist from March 2006-August 2008.  


Dr Peacock is a fervent science advocate and is recognised internationally as an eminent researcher in the field of plant molecular biology and its applications in agriculture.


Dr Peacock is a strong advocate for the integration of science and global business. He drives innovative communication efforts to inform the general public as to the outcomes and value of modern science. He has brought the excitement of science to a broad cross-section of the community and to Australian school students.


Peacock has been working with Liz Dennis jointly leading two groups working on Epigenetic Regulation in Arabidopsis.  We have focused on vernalization induced initiation of flowering and on the key role of FLC.  Recently we have looked at the molecular basis of heterosis.

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