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Welcome to the website for EPIC, an initiative supporting the efforts of the international research community studying epigenomics and epigenetics in plants.

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by Joana Sequeira-Mendes, Ugo Bastolla and Crisanto Gutierrez

Chromatin is a greatly...

Minutes EPIC organizational meeting Philadelphia May 2014

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Minutes of the EPIC meeting, Norwich October 2013

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Plants as leading systems for epigenetics and epigenomics research

Epigenetic phenomena involve mitotically or meiotically heritable alternative gene expression states that are not due to DNA sequence differences. These phenomena have long fascinated geneticists and molecular biologists because they do not conform to the rules of Mendelian genetics nor can they be understood simply by determining the DNA sequences of genes or entire genomes.

Chromatin for Beginners

What is Chromatin?

Chromatin is the stuff chromosomes are made of. Microscopists used the term long before the discovery that DNA is the genetic material. Today, the word "chromatin" is mostly used by molecular geneticists to describe DNA associated with the numerous proteins that help organize, activate or repress DNA.

Chromatin and chromosome structure

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